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Three Horses
Molly Camelina Rio.png

We've been giving Molly
and our horses
Smart Earth Camelina Oil.

The results are amazing,
even after only four weeks. Please read about our experience below.

For all its benefits for horses, read this equine product information.

And here's the info about
its many benefits for dogs.

Why we love this product. We hope you'll try it, too.

As of December 22, 2023, there are over 1800 Verified positive reviews on the Smart Earth Camelina website.

Where to purchase this amazing product
and save 5% every time:

If you're in the USA, please use this link


If you're in Canada, please use this link.



If you're not ready to commit to the Equine gallon, you may want to consider purchasing the 2-pack of Canine bottles (16 oz each). That'll be enough to give your horse a 1 oz serving every day for a full month, and it's the identical oil. The 2-pack is shipped free and it's a savings of $5 over buying the bottles individually. At $44.99 and free shipping, it's the perfect way to give Camelina Oil a test! When you move up to the gallon size, your cost per ounce drops by more than 50%. If Smart Earth is running a special discount that's better than 5%, be sure to enter their discount code to get the very best price available.

Tree-lined Road in Fall.png

The next best thing to a miracle.

"My old boy (27) with heaves had the best summer he has had in many years. His coat is bright and shiny, his hooves are healthier and his quality of life is greatly improved. I can't say enough good things about Smart Earth Camelina Oil and I will be keeping our horses on it indefinitely. Thank you, Smart Earth." (Verified Buyer)

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