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"This product is awesome! My UltraLites have stayed in place for 8 weeks now. My four horses wear them full-time in the summer in case of fires."
emergency braid-in mane tag I.C.E. UltraLite ID natural disaster horse equin

I.C.E. UltraLite 

Patent Pending

"I got the ManeStay for hurricanes or camping, and I also got the lightweight ones (UltraLite) to put on my saddles. Had an incident last week when my horse lost his footing and we went down. I couldn't keep hold of the reins and as he ran off (luckily to a nice bush to eat), I thought to myself, this is why I ordered my I.C.E. products."  – Heidi





I.C.E. UltraLite was inspired by competitive trail riders who want to keep their emergency contact information securely attached to their horse for the entire ride weekend. The UltraLite also provides an excellent method of keeping ID on a horse for a longer period, such as during hurricane or wildfire season. Your emergency contact info is permanent and waterproof when written with an ultra fine point Sharpie® brand marker.


   •  Aluminum carabiner for durability and light weight 

   •  Weighs less than 3/4 ounce

   •  Clips through a mane braid

   •  Hangs suspended from the mane, not flat against the horse's hide

   •  Heat and flame resistant (see our FAQ page for more details)

   •  Red, Bright Yellow, Hot Orange, Hot Pink or Lime for high visibility

   •  Peace of mind during your area's wildfire or hurricane season

   •  Ride, turnout or use in camp  • Excellent during transport  • Put another on your belt loop

   •  As long as the braid is intact, the UltraLite stays put



I.C.E. UltraLite horse emergency identification UltraLite natural disaster wildfire evacuation ID get you horse back

We recommend including an out-of-state phone number
in case local phone service has been compromised.

Already have an I.C.E. UltraLite or any one of our other products and

We'll send you a weatherproof label to place over the old info. Writing your new contact details with a Sharpie® will ensure it's permanent and waterproof as before. 
Contact us to request this update label.

MANESTAY with Avery label in place_edite

Visit our Dealers page, or you may also purchase by clicking on these photos.

NOTE: A braid made with small sections of hair is preferred, for the purpose of staying tight and keeping UltraLite secure. We suggest that your horses wear their UltraLites full time during your area's natural disaster season. We lived in an area of nearly year-round wildfire danger, so we kept an UltraLite in each horse's mane full time! With the smaller braids--as shown in the above photos--the UltraLites held tight for weeks. We're also putting an elastic at the top of the braid for added security.


Every horse and situation is different, so remember to check your horse's braid frequently and inspect the elastics for any signs of wear or weakness. It's a good idea to re-braid the hair and re-attach UltraLite once a week for optimum results. (I left Rio's UltraLite alone for four weeks as a test, and it was still very secure in the braid, but I rebraided it anyway with new elastics for my own peace of mind.)

When you've been told that a natural disaster is heading your way, and you've got time to put a single braid in each of your equines' manes, the I.C.E. UltraLite will provide you a no-halter-needed way to securely attach emergency contact info to their manes. If your horse's mane isn't long enough to braid, please see our ManeStay page.


If you're in an area with a season of wildfires or other natural disasters, consider keeping an UltraLite on each animal full-time during that season. It's what we do, and it gives us peace of mind knowing our horses can be immediately identified.

We recommend using two elastic bands (top and bottom) on each braid. Be diligent about checking the integrity of the braid regularly. Be sure to replace the elastic before it shows wear or weakness. For best results, use fine elastics as opposed to thick, bulky style elastics. The type made for human hair works better than rubber bands, and is kinder to the hair.

In extreme weather conditions such as hurricane or tornado, you may also wish to finish the braid with duct tape to ensure the braid stays intact. Duct tape will not slide off the braid as an elastic may do.

braid ID into mane securely for the natural disaster season camping highlining riding

Freshly re-braided with Rio's I.C.E. UltraLite re-attached. It's dusty on the outside, but just like new on the inside.

"I have handled many equine crashes as a first responder in the past where we needed this info." 

I.C.E. UltraLite recommendation for using during transport.png
Collar identification silent multiple contacts waterproof lightweight

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P.S. It's also a great tool for putting ID on your horse halter.

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