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I.C.E. Halter - Patent Pending

I.C.E. Halter

Available in 3 styles and 16 colors,
including a Breakaway version with leather crown. 

No matter which style you choose, your emergency contact info is permanent and waterproof when written with an ultra fine point Sharpie® brand marker.

I.C.E. BREAKAWAY HALTER: Made of 3/4" nylon. Triple-ply cheeks, rolled throat latch with snap, double-ply nylon non-adjustable noseband. Leather poll strap makes this the perfect halter for the pastured horse since it will break if the halter gets caught,
saving the horse from injury. Your horse can keep your contact info on him at ALL times. Leather poll strap adjusts at both sides.

Available in 5 sizes, with or without padded noseband: $48

NOTE: The I.C.E. Breakaway Halter is also available in four Draft Horse sizes (S, M, L and XL Draft) using 1" wide nylon and a leather buckle piece. Please use our Contact form to request the Draft Horse Breakaway Halter sizing chart and pricing. 

I.C.E. HALTER: Made of 3/4" nylon, so it's slender enough to fit nicely under the bridle. The I.C.E. Halter has triple-ply cheeks and a double-ply poll strap. The rolled throat latch has a snap, and the PVC-padded noseband is adjustable with a buckle. Available in 5 sizes: $44

I.C.E. TRAIL CAVESON: Designed for use under the bridle, the I.C.E. Trail Caveson is made of 3/4" nylon, making it far less bulky than a standard 1" nylon halter. With its tie ring, the I.C.E. Trail Caveson enables the rider to lead or tie the bridled horse/mule at the trailer or out on the trail. The I.C.E. Trail Caveson has a PVC-padded adjustable noseband with snap. 
NOTE: Using the I.C.E. Trail Caveson by itself ​(without a bridle over it) is not recommended for tying an unsupervised animal as it could possibly come off over his ears.

Horse Size: $34

Large Horse Size: $36


Please allow 3 weeks for delivery of I.C.E. Halters as they are made to order.

I.C.E. Breakaway Halter
This halter has a non-adjustable chin, leather crown and optional padded noseband.

We also offer the I.C.E. Breakaway Halter in four Draft sizes, made with
1" nylon and a leather buckle piece instead of leather crown. Please inquire for pricing and a size chart. The pricing for the Draft size is typically about $3-$5 more than the standard size breakaway halter depending upon options chosen.

LEFT: I.C.E. Halter shown in  Hunter Green (Horse Size).

BELOW: I.C.E. Halter shown in Turquoise (Large Horse Size).


I.C.E. Halter
This halter has an adjustable chin, throat latch with snap, and padded noseband.

I.C.E. Halter shown in Black under the bridle. (Prototype without I.C.E. form in place.)

I.C.E. Halter Sizing Chart for ICE Website.png

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery of I.C.E. Halters as they are made to order.

I.C.E. Trail Caveson

I.C.E. Trail Halter royal blue
I.C.E. Trail Halter undr the bridle
I.C.E. Trail Halter under bridle

 I.C.E. Trail Caveson Sizing


"Horse" size will fit most horses up to 1000 lbs. Horse size fits our Tennessee Walking Horses' heads, but not all TWH heads. A block-headed QH or a Warmblood is going to need Large Horse size. Here are the specs for both "Horse" and "Large Horse" sizes, so you can choose what will work best for your horse. Please note we also offer an Arabian size as well as a Pony/Mini Horse size.  Please contact us with any questions.


          HORSE: 800-1000 lbs*                 Over poll, noseband to noseband: Adjustable from 33" to 38"

                                                                   PVC-padded noseband/chin strap: Adjustable from 21" to 26" 


          LARGE HORSE: 1000-1400 lbs*  Over poll, noseband to noseband: Adjustable from 35" to 40"

                                                                   PVC-padded noseband/chin strap: Adjustable from 22" to 27"

          ARABIAN:                                        See Horse size specs, except poll is adjustable to 36", nose to 24"

          PONY:                                              Please use our Contact page to inquire about measurements.

*If your horse is in between the Horse and Large Horse sizes,
order the Large Horse size for the I.C.E. Trail Caveson.

Available in 16 Colors!

Brown, Tan, Black, Turquoise, Hot Pink, Lime, Yellow,
Hot Orange, Burgundy,
Hunter Green, Navy Blue,
Red, Royal Blue, Purple, 
Teal, and Raspberry

ICE Breakaway Halter ICE Form Royal.jpg
Here's the I.C.E. form that is sewn to the lower right-side cheek of all three halter styles.
Be sure to use an Ultra Fine Point Sharpie® to write your contact information
 so that it will be permanent and waterproof.

Already have an I.C.E. Halter or any one of our other products and


We'll send you a weatherproof label to place over the old info.

Writing your new contact details with a Sharpie® 

will ensure it's permanent and waterproof as before. 

Contact us to request this update label.

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