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I.C.E. Breakaway Halter with leather poll strap, rolled throatlatch with snap, triple-ply cheeks and double-ply nylon non-adjustable noseband. Available in 16 colors and your choice of Bronze or Nickel hardware. We can add PVC padding to the noseband at no extra charge. Please allow 3-5 weeks for special orders.

The I.C.E. Breakaway Halter is available in five Horse sizes and is adjustable at the crown, with buckles on both sides. Please refer to the sizing chart in the gallery of images. If you have any questions, please use our Contact page to get in touch.


DRAFT SIZES, TOO! If you'd like sizing and pricing info for an I.C.E. Breakaway Halter in a Draft Horse size, please reach out via our Contact page. Our Draft size Breakaway Halter is made using 1" nylon and has a leather buckle piece instead of leather poll strap. We make the Draft size in Small, Medium, Large and XL Draft sizes to fit ALL Draft horses.

I.C.E. Breakaway Halter

SKU: Breakaway Halter
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  • Made in USA with 3/4" nylon, the I.C.E. Breakaway Halter is designed to be an excellent halter for the pastured horse, since the leather poll strap will break if the horse gets caught on a fence, branch, etc. It's also ideal for riding, camping, turnout, transport or when faced with natural disaster. Keep your emergency contact details on on him at all times with the I.C.E. Breakaway Halter.

    As with all I.C.E. Products USA gear, please use an ultra fine point Sharpie® brand marker to write your emergency contact information, so that it will be permanent and waterproof.

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