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Breakaway I.C.E. Halter with leather poll strap, rolled throatlatch with snap, triple-ply cheeks and double-ply nylon non-adjustable noseband. Available in 16 colors. Yellow, Royal Blue and Turquoise shown in these images. We can add a PVC padded noseband (see photo of Turquoise and Royal Blue halters) at no extra charge. Please select Padded Noseband or Non-padded Noseband in Product Options. Please allow 3 weeks for special orders.

The Breakaway I.C.E. Halter is available in five sizes and is adjustable at the crown (buckles on both sides). If you have any questions, please use our Contact page to get in touch.

Breakaway I.C.E. Halter - Special Order Item

16 Available Colors
  • Made in USA with 3/4" nylon, the Breakaway I.C.E. Halter is designed to be an excellent halter for the pastured horse, since the leather poll strap will break if the horse gets caught on a fence, branch, etc. Keep your horse's identification on him at all times with the Breakaway I.C.E. Halter.

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