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For happy, healthy noses.

Yours and his.

StallBlaster uses naturally occurring beneficial probiotics and enzymes that digest odor molecules. It begins working immediately to knock down ammonia odors.

And fewer flies!

The highly effective, safe and affordable solution to drastically reducing or removing dangerous ammonia odors.

As we muck the shavings or soil, we've all experienced the intense ammonia smell that burns our eyes, nose and lungs and forces us to move elsewhere to get fresh air. The toxic ammonia fumes from our horses' urine have plagued us year-round whether the horses are in their outdoor paddocks or inside the barn.

And besides being seriously irritating to our noses, it's downright dangerous for humans and animals to be exposed to those ammonia vapors. Because ammonia vapor stays close to the ground, imagine your horse's discomfort while eating or lying down.


Exposure to these vapors seriously affects your horse's performance as well.

Read more about this here.


In 2018 we went on a mission to formulate a nontoxic product to put a stop to ammonia odor, as well as other offensive odors. StallBlaster doesn't hide the odor, but actually knocks it down by consuming the organics in urine, manure and perspiration that are the source of the smell. And with an 80:1 ratio of dilution with water, StallBlaster goes a long way.

After six months of extensive research and testing at our place, 

we shared the product with other folks to try in various situations.

Here's what they're saying:

"It is AMAZING. We have sheep and goats. The burning eye smell dissipated! During the rainy, wet weather my stalls were saturated and the smell so strong. I used diluted StallBlaster and could hardly believe how it worked! I never want to be without it. Thank you!" –– Jane
"My horses' large paddock is very close to my home, so when I would have the windows open the breeze would bring in the smell of the horses' urine spot closest to one of my windows. Bad enough to make me close it! Yesterday I soaked that spot with this product as well as another spot. Today the window is open and we always have a breeze here in Sparks NV....but today no smell at all!!!" –– Shellie

"The smell was gone after about an hour. I will be getting more since I have two horses here in paddocks now." –– Darlene

"We decided to give StallBlaster a try in our rental property that had many areas where cat urine had soaked through carpet (and ceramic tile, too). After the carpet and padding were removed, we sprayed StallBlaster on all the stained wood subfloor and on the ceramic tile floors in the bathrooms. This product has totally eliminated the odors. It's incredible." –– G and J Johnson

"StallBlaster works wonders! Working at a boarding facility and having horses that don't get turned out as much, we use StallBlaster to get out the horrible smells. We also use it in our pig pens! It works great and we highly recommend this product to all horse and animal owners." –– Heath

"The goat stalls are so much better. It's even helped with my big mare's peeing/pooping in her stall; she's doing it far less often. It's great for stinky dog beds, too!" –– Alicia
"I use StallBlaster in the litter box to help with odors. It works! No smell from the litter box at all. I have also sprayed it on our outside dog beds and it has refreshed them. I used it in a few urine spots the horses leave and the smell went away. I would say it works very well. I'm impressed." –– Donna

"The first treatment I did was in my horses' outdoor stalls. They each pee in one spot every day, so the odor was really intense. I used StallBlaster in a watering can so that I could give each pee spot a good soaking. I came back in an hour and was completely amazed that the odor was GONE. StallBlaster rocks! I'll wait a few days or longer before using it again to see how long it keeps working." –– Diane  **UPDATE** I'm using StallBlaster once a week and that keeps the odors at bay. I'm loving the relief from the smell!"

yellow daisies isolated on white backgro

• Uses naturally occurring enzymes and beneficial probiotics that biodegrade

and digest odor molecules • Starts working immediately INDOORS or OUT

• SAFE for you and your family, your animals and the environment

PLEASE NOTE: StallBlaster is not to be ingested since it contains live enzymes.

Spray or pour the diluted solution directly on the urine-soaked ground/mat/cat litter, damp saddle pad, bathroom floor, etc., being careful not to overspray onto food or water.

Use StallBlaster to knock down odors found in:

Barn stalls • Outdoor paddocks • Horse trailers • Goat stalls

Dog kennels • Litter boxes 

Horse blankets and saddle pads

• Bathrooms • Truck/auto floor mats

• Stinky workout clothing and shoes

Problem with flies?
Anywhere there's an odor that would attract flies, put StallBlaster to work!

 Horse transportation van , equestrian s
StallBlaster ammonia odor blaster
Red Barn

StallBlaster works, plain and simple. 

Give it a try at your place. The results are amazing.

Available in 2 sizes:

*Save 44% per ounce with the 16 oz size! Makes 10 gallons for less than $3/gallon. 

Its fragrance is super light and pleasant.

It's not there to mask odors.

StallBlaster starts working IMMEDIATELY.

Remember: It's safe for you, your family
and your animals, 
as well as the environment.


*Common sense care: Do not allow contact with eyes or open sores/cuts. Do not ingest nor allow animals to ingest as StallBlaster contains naturally occurring live probiotics and enzymes.  

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