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With an 80:1 ratio, this highly concentrated 6 ounce nontoxic microbial/enzyme solution makes 3.75 gallons. 


To use: 



• Use 1.6 ounces (3.2 Tablespoons) of StallBlaster per gallon of water. We strongly recommend you use bottled water or water from a well. City water is treated and may affect the strength of the diluted product.

• If making up a 32 ounce spray bottle, use .4 ounce (2.4 teaspoons) StallBlaster concentrate, then add 32 ounces of water. As mentioned above, for best results use well or bottled water instead of tap water.




For first treatment, we recommend using a garden type watering can for best saturation of an existing "pee spot" in an indoor or outdoor stall. If the urine is on or under mats, be sure to treat these areas as well. 


For subsequent treatments, StallBlaster can be applied with a spray bottle or garden-type pump sprayer onto the urine-soaked area. It should also be lightly sprayed on stall mats and any urine-splattered surfaces, as well as on manure-stained areas. The StallBlaster solution is effective against not only urine, but also manure, sweat and other offensive smells. 


Our 6 ounce product label:

StallBlaster 6 ounce

  • • SHAKE the StallBlaster concentrate and the diluted mixture before use. (Use bottled water or well water when diluting StallBlaster, rather than tap water that's typically treated with chemicals and will likely affect StallBlaster's strength.)


    • Use DILUTED StallBlaster within 7 days.


    • When doing a complete muck (removing all urine-soaked shavings, bedding and manure), reapply a light spray of StallBlaster over all exposed surfaces, while saturating the pee spot, before replacing with new bedding.


    • Thoroughly saturate the pee spot using the watering can or spray bottle every 5-7 days, or as needed. Resist the temptation to flush out the pee area with water. By doing so, you would be removing all of the urine that StallBlaster requires to "feed" on.


    • Protect your container of StallBlaster (as well as any diluted solution you may have on hand) from freezing temperatures as well as temperatures  above 115º. StallBlaster's microbes are 100% active in above freezing temps up to 115º. On either end of this spread, you'll start seeing the microbes slow down or stop consuming the organics. When temperatures settle back into a normal range, the microbes can start up again.


    • Keep the concentrate and/or mixed solution out of direct sunlight to ensure it stays within its active temperature range.


    • Use the StallBlaster solution in your horse trailer as well, as ammonia odors in such a confined space are especially dangerous to your horse's respiratory system as well as your own.


    • StallBlaster will be effective anywhere you've got stinky stuff that needs freshening up, such as dog kennels, chicken coops, litter boxes, saddle pads, horse blankets and sweaty workout clothing.  


    • Less odor = less flies! 

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