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Visible ID is the key to being reunited

once all danger has passed.

In an extreme emergency such as fire, hurricane, tornado or flood, when every second counts, ManeStay (Patent Pending) is your Go-to Method to Quickly, Safely and Securely attach VISIBLE identification to horse, mule or donkey in literally just 3 seconds. 
See how to do it.


In a field of evacuated equines, those wearing visible ID are going to be the first to be processed and returned to their families. Give YOUR equines that advantage.


Please note that ManeStay is not designed for everyday use. If you wish to keep ID on your horse longer term, please consider our I.C.E. UltraLite or our I.C.E. Breakaway Halter.

I.C.E. In Case of Emergency form
ManeStay Front TRANSPARENT background.png

"The peace of mind knowing our herd has proper identification 
in case of an emergency is priceless."

Why ManeStay?

ManeStay provides immediate access to your contact info so the finder can call your cell phone.

Even if your equine is tattooed, freeze branded or microchipped (all excellent forms of permanent identification), unless the person who finds your equine has the tools to read the chip, brand or tattoo, there will likely be a delay in getting your animal identified and returned to you. 

Get your cell phone to ring. Be reunited.

ManeStay Specs
• 8.75 inches overall
• Weighs only 1.7 oz.
• Polycarbonate, just like NFL-caliber helmets so you know it's tough
• Stainless steel components make it corrosion resistant
• Heat and flame resistant (details on our FAQ page)
• Your critical contact information is permanent and waterproof when written with a Sharpie® brand marker

Learn the easy steps to attaching ManeStay and show others how
to use it in case you're away when natural disaster strikes.


Purchase your ManeStay here.

Tips for keeping your ManeStay ready for use.

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Keep your ManeStays with your other emergency supplies, in a
Go Bag, Ready Kit, etc., in an unlocked cabinet, trunk or trash can with lid.

If you're including food allergy or prescription info or instructions specific to one animal, be sure to identify the outside of the ManeStay with his name or initial, using a permanent marker.


Already have a ManeStay or any of our other products and

We'll send you a weatherproof label to place over the old info.
your new contact details with a Sharpie® will ensure
this info is permanent and waterproof as before. 
Contact us to request this update label.

MANESTAY with Avery label in place_edite

I.C.E. form shown with update label

ManeStay is the go-to tool for emergency evac teams.

Reviews from more ManeStay users...

They are ready for hurricane season! Thanks for getting the ManeStays to me. I love the product. 
––Lori K., Cottageville, SC

Donkey emergency ID ManeStay
Donkey emergency ID ManeStay

Preparing for fire season in Northern California.

We've had so much positive feedback about the ManeStays when people see them around the barn, and several volunteers have purchased them for their own horses after seeing them here at SAFE. I think you've got a really great product!  --Melinda, LVT and Herd Health Manager at Save A Forgotten Equine, Redmond, WA

I ordered 3 of the ManeStay tags ahead of Hurricane Irma. Sue saw I was in Florida and made sure they shipped immediately. They are high quality, and the spring is no joke! The customer service and the product quality all exceeded my expectations!  --Kayla

ManeStay is my go-to gift for my horsey friends! -- Mary, Washington

We used ManeStays during Hurricane Irma! Couldn’t have been happier with them!  

I ordered them as soon as I saw the storm was coming towards us. They shipped crazy fast and we were able to send our boys out into 300 acres and I knew they would be okay.

The next morning they came back with their ManeStays just like we sent them out. -- Catey

Love the product - have got info filled out and did a few practice clip ons. Hopefully will never have to use it for an emergency but glad I've got them in my "go-kit". –– Carol-Ann, British Columbia

Living in BC and with all the fires this year and evacuations it became apparent that we were in need of an identification method for our horses that could withstand the elements. I am so pleased with these tags and have them ready to use. I have ordered 5 for my own horses and 4 for others in our community. Love the quality of this product and highly recommend them. -- Linda, British Columbia

The peace of mind knowing our herd has proper identification in case of an emergency is priceless. Made in USA is appreciated. -- Nancy, California

TheraPony, a nonprofit in Ramona, CA that rescues and rehabilitates sick and abused horses, said this on July 6, 2018 after two of their miniature horses got lost during the Alpine Fire: "In light of today's event, ALL our horses will be getting I.C.E. Products ManeStay identification clips. These clips are easy to place in an emergency and can stay on during times of danger, and are less likely to separate from the horse...I highly recommend this product to everyone."

Here's Chance sporting his ManeStay...

Allison in Louisiana shared this pic of her boy Chance wearing his ManeStay. Allison bought ManeStays for Chance and Rabbit after seeing the wrath of Irma.

Watch this demo to see how quickly ManeStay can be attached.

ManeStay in motion, posted by Horse Holster.

PHOTO CREDIT: Kelly Campbell

horse id tags wildfire emergency hurricane natural disaster

"We too often read about horse owners forced to make tough decisions to turn their horses loose and leave them behind..."

"Enter ManeStay..."

Posted on HorseNation, July 7, 2016 by Kristen Kovatch, Managing Editor: 
"We too often read about horse owners forced to make tough decisions to turn their horses loose and leave them behind as they evacuate dangerous conditions. While it’s a decision none of us ever want to make, it’s also true that sometimes to preserve human lives we must make such decisions in a split second. Sometimes we’re given enough time to write our phone number on a horse’s hoof or tape it to his back or perhaps add a nametag and contact information to his halter — but halters can snag, conditions can wipe away paint or marker and sometimes there’s simply not enough time. Enter the ManeStay (patent pending), developed by Sierra View Ranch to help horse owners attach emergency information to a horse safely and quickly."
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