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Slip Leads & Leashes for Dogs

Personalized Embroidered

Our dog leads and leashes are constructed with the same high quality materials as the over 1900 horse lead ropes we've been making and personalizing since 2016. You can be confident in not only the durability of our leads and leashes, but also the close attention to detail in the workmanship of every one.

SLIP LEADS: 6 ft. slip lead is great for training, as the loop will tighten when the dog pulls
and loosen when he responds correctly. It's adjustable and worn high on the neck, above the collar. There is no snap on a slip lead. Personalized with embroidery that is positioned next to the loop handle.

LEASHES: Your 6 ft. leash with a nickel-plated snap will be personalized with embroidery that's positioned next to the loop handle.

To purchase or learn more, choose either image below:

Solid Color


Embroidery Samples:
BLOCK (ALL CAPS) (See "MILO") Up to 8 letters/spaces

• BLOCK (Upper & Lower Case) (See "Sarah") Up to 15 letters/spaces

Billboard (See "Reba") Up to 18 letters/spaces

Sarah Slip Lead Transparent.png

Embroidery Thread Colors: Any color except metallics and Black. 

Reba leash transparent.png

Questions or special requests? Please use our Contact page to get in touch.

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