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I.C.E. Clip-on

The I.C.E. Clip-on is designed to attach to the saddle or breast collar to keep your emergency contact info on your equine.
If you're separated out on the trail, I.C.E. Clip-on will help you be reunited.

Put one on your horse and another on your belt loop!


I.C.E. Clip-on Provides
"Portable Peace of Mind"

"My riding buddy came off her horse and was hurt pretty badly. I called 911 for assistance. I have her phone number in my contacts but I needed to reach her husband to let him know what happened. I wish she had her emergency contact info where I could easily find it." 

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I.C.E. Clip-on is available in 11 colors to be highly visible to first responders. Matching your tack is an added bonus!

Move the I.C.E. Clip-on from the saddle to your horse or mule's halter or high-line collar . . . to your backpack or camera bag. Put it on your belt loop . . . or use it as a luggage tag.

Get an extra Clip-on to attach to your trailer door. If you can't get back to the staging area for some reason and others become concerned, they'll have your emergency contact details so assistance can be arranged.


Endless possibilities, all with safety in mind.  


Its highly visible red medical emergency symbol will help you get needed assistance.


If you and your horse part ways on the trail or at the staging area and he's wearing the I.C.E. Clip-on, the finder will open the Clip-on and call your cell phone--just be sure to keep your cell phone on YOU, not your horse. 


Simply write your contact info using an Ultra Fine Point Sharpie® brand marker. Your info is permanent, waterproof and kept private until needed behind Velcro® closures.

I.C.E. contact information form

Already have an I.C.E. Clip-on or any one of our other products and
We'll send you a weatherproof label to place over the old info. Writing your new contact details with a Sharpie® will ensure it's permanent and waterproof as before. 
Contact us to request this update label.

In the arena or on the trail...

It's important to keep ID on your horse at all times. Wooley's wearing a Hot Pink I.C.E. Clip-on on her
breast collar during an evening arena ride.

Start 'em Young...
and Keep 'em Safe!

I.C.E. Clip-on on breast collar
I.C.E. Clip-on portable peace of mind
Be sure to learn more about our I.C.E. Collar ID for dog collars and horse halters!
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