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"Got my lead rope today, and it was everything I expected and then some.
It's absolutely beautiful and the workmanship is great."
Susie W., Ohio

If you're ready to order, or you'd like to price out a lead rope, click on either image.

 To view individual rope pics, please scroll down this page to our slide deck gallery

This is a review based on our Amazon listing for
our personalized embroidered lead ropes. We also have an Etsy shop:

PRICING: Up to a 9 foot length, an embroidered rope with one of our standard snaps is priced at $32. Add $1.50 per foot for extra length in 10, 12 and 14 foot lengths. The rope can be made shorter than 9 feet, but the price will still be $32. Shipping is by USPS Priority Mail in a Padded Flat Rate Envelope: $10.60. Two ropes will ship together to the same address for one $10.60 shipping charge. Sales tax added for shipments to Tennessee addresses.

SNAP CHOICES: Standard snaps are the bolt snap in Steel Gray or Bronze, or a Smaller Size Nickel-plated bolt snap (for use with a miniature horse or pony). Premium snaps are the bolt snap in Solid Brass (add $3), or a nickel-plated bull snap with a trigger (add $2). For a rope with no snap (for use with a rope halter), the price is the same as our rope with a standard snap. 

EMBROIDERY FONT STYLE: Block style is available in ALL CAPS and you may have up to 8 total letters/spaces. Block style is also available in Upper/Lower Case, which allows for up to 15 total letters/spaces. Billboard style uses smaller letters and allows for up to 18 letters/spaces. Samples of these embroidery font styles are shown below.

EMBROIDERY THREAD: We have LOTS of embroidery thread colors available, with the exception of metallics. We encourage you to request a thread color that matches or coordinates with the rope color(s) and provides enough contrast with the black background material. Black embroidery thread is not an option. 

LEATHER POPPER: We offer an optional leather popper (add $4). Poppers are available in Medium Brown, Dark Brown or Black leather. Contact us to request this option. We'll add it to your order and send a separate invoice.

NP Bolt Snap for Mini Horse.png
BOLT SNAP Bronze or Brass.jpg

Standard Snaps: Left to right, Steel Gray Bolt Snap, Bronze Bolt Snap, Smaller Size Nickel-plated Bolt Snap (for use with a miniature horse or pony).

Premium Snaps:  Solid Brass Bolt Snap (add $3); Nickel-plated Bull Snap with Trigger (add $2). 


20" CHAIN: We offer the option of adding 20" of Steel Gray or Bronze chain for an additional $6. Contact us to request this option. We'll add it to your order and send a separate invoice.

Leather Popper: Available in Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Black (add $4).


20" Chain: Available in Steel Gray (shown) and Bronze (add $6).

Black Leather Popper (3000 × 1000 px).png

For inspiration, here's some of our work:

Click on any image to see an expanded view and to scroll the entire gallery.

Click through this Slide Deck Gallery to view all 30 rope color choices

Click on a photo for a larger view and to scroll the gallery.


If you have any questions or special requests, please use our Contact page. We're looking forward to working with you to make a beautiful lead rope for you, or a personalized gift for someone special. Or both! 

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