Embroidered Personalized Lead Ropes

Lots of options here.

Let's get creative!

Decide on a length for your super soft poly rope

• Pick from 31 rope colors (see the slide deck gallery below)

Choose a snap

Pick the embroidery font style and thread color

Decide on the embroidery text

A leather popper is available, too

We're presently working on having ropes in customers' hands in about 3 weeks--it's often a little faster, but we want you to be aware of the timing.  

Once you've got a pretty good idea of how you want your rope to look,
Contact us so we can work with you to make it come to life.

We'll probably have a few questions, and you will, too. So, we'll work together to nail down all the details. Once we're at this point, we'll email you an estimate/invoice so you can review and approve of everything. When we've got your approval and payment, we'll get started on your masterpiece!

"Got my lead rope today, and it was everything I expected and then some.
It's absolutely beautiful and the workmanship is great." Susie W., Ohio

PRICING: Up to a 9 foot length, an embroidered rope with one of our standard snaps is priced at $30. Add $1.50 per foot for extra length. The rope can be made shorter than 9 feet, but the price will still be $30. If you do not want your rope to be embroidered, you will save $7 off the $30 standard embroidered rope price. Shipping is by USPS Priority Mail in a Padded Flat Rate Envelope: $9.65. Two ropes will ship together to the same address for one $9.65 shipping charge. Sales tax added for shipments to Tennessee addresses.

SNAP CHOICES: Standard snaps are the bolt snap in Steel Gray or Bronze, or a nickel-plated bull snap without a trigger. Premium snaps are the bolt snap in Solid Brass (add $3), or a nickel-plated or bronze bull snap with a trigger (add $2). For a rope with no snap (for use with a rope halter), deduct $1. Smaller size nickel-plated bolt snap is available for a rope made to be used with a miniature horse or pony.

EMBROIDERY FONT STYLE: Block style is available in ALL CAPS and you can have up to 8 total letters/spaces. Block style is also available in Upper/Lower Case, which allows for up to 15 total letters/spaces. Billboard style uses smaller letters and allows for up to 18 letters/spaces. Samples of these embroidery font styles are shown below.

EMBROIDERY THREAD: We have LOTS of embroidery thread colors available, with the exception of metallics. We encourage you to choose a thread color that matches or coordinates with the rope color(s) and provides enough contrast with the black background material. Black embroidery thread is not an option. 

LEATHER POPPER: We offer an optional leather popper (add $4). Poppers are available in Medium Brown, Dark Brown or Black leather.

BOLT SNAP Bronze or Brass.jpg
POPPER in Black Leather_edited.jpg
NP Bolt Snap for Mini Horse.png

Standard Snaps: Left to right, Steel Gray Bolt Snap, Bronze Bolt Snap, Nickel Plate Bull Snap without Trigger

Lead rope for use with a miniature horse can be made with a smaller size (Nickel Plate) bolt snap upon request.

Premium Snaps:  Solid Brass Bolt Snap (add $3); Nickel Plate Bull Snap with Trigger (add $2). Bull Snap with Trigger also available in Bronze (not pictured, add $2).

Leather Popper: Available in Medium Brown, Dark Brown or Black (add $4).
(Our Black Popper and Steel Gray bolt snap are shown in this image.)


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Navy Blue

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Hot Pink, Royal Blue and Black

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Click through this slide deck gallery to view each of the
31 rope choices.

Click on a photo for a larger view and to scroll the gallery.

Make a note of the color name(s) so when you're ready to place your order, we'll know which rope(s) you've chosen.

For inspiration, here's some of our work:

Click on any image to see expanded view and to scroll the entire gallery.


This rope is made with our Steel Gray Bolt Snap.

The embroidery is Block ALL CAPS, and the thread color is Beige.

As a reminder, use our Contact page to let us know what you're interested in ordering. We're looking forward to working with you to make a beautiful lead rope for you, or a personalized gift for someone special. Or both!