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lead ropes on the planet!

  Personalized • Embroidered  

This will be your favorite lead rope! It's so soft in the hand and just the right length (because you get to choose it). It also makes an excellent personalized gift for a friend! For more inspiration, see photos below and click here to see customer-supplied photos.


• 31 rope colors (16 solid colors, 15 multi-colors)

• 5/8" SOFT poly rope never gets stiff



• Any length you wish



• Choice of bronze or steel gray bolt snap, or bull snap without trigger in nickel plate. Bull snap with trigger, add $1. Solid brass bolt snap add $2. If you want no snap at all, deduct $1.


• Add $4 for a leather popper. Choose medium brown (shown), dark brown, or black.



• 2 styles of embroidery: Block (up to 15 characters) or Billboard (up to 18 characters) (samples below)

• Thread colors--pick a color--we've got dozens



                                                       Up to 9 feet:    $27    

                                                               10 feet:    $28

                                                               12 feet:    $30

                                                               14 feet:    $32

                                               Inquire about other lengths

FOR LEAD ROPE WITHOUT EMBROIDERY, deduct $5 off these prices. Ropes without embroidery will be finished with same sewn heavy-duty fabric as shown on embroidered ropes. If you'd prefer your non-embroidered rope be finished with metal clamps, please let us know. The price for both styles is the same.



Please use our Contact page to let us know what you'd like to order or to ask any questions. We're happy to help! Please be sure to let us know what state we'll be shipping to so our invoice will reflect sales tax if necessary.


NOTE: Prices do not include USPS Priority Mail shipping ($8.55 for up to 2 ropes) in the U.S. For Tennessee shipping addresses, 9.25% Sales Tax will be added. We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.



See all 31 colors here.

Standard Steel Gray

bolt snap

Bull snap with trigger in

Nickel Plate,

add $1

Standard bull

snap in Nickel Plate

(no trigger)

Standard Bronze bolt snap

(Solid Brass, add $2)

• Pick your rope color (view 31 choices) and length

• Choose your snap  • Want to add a leather popper?

• Decide on an embroidery color and style

I gave an I.C.E. Halter and embroidered lead rope as a gift to my friend. She cried happy tears.

-- Christina

"I love your ropes. Quality all the way."

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"These lead ropes are great and I've loved using the ones for Belle and Telly--holding up very well!

I'm ready to order one for my daughter and her pony now."








"Superman" is an example of "Billboard" style. This is also an example of a rope with no snap. This style can be attached to a rope halter.


are examples of "Block" style embroidery, in ALL CAPS.

"Semper Fidelis" is an example of "Block" in Upper & Lower Case.

NOTE: With "Block" style, if you'd like more than 7-8 letters, you'll need to use Upper and Lower Case letters for the best results (see "Semper Fidelis" above with 14). Using Upper and Lower Case lettering, 15 letters/spaces is the maximum number that will fit with "Block" style. A total of 18 letters/spaces is the maximum number that will fit with "Billboard" style.


Solid Brass Snap

"Wolf's lead rope is really beautiful. Had lots of compliments and several have asked where I got it."

"Just got Soxxy's rope. Thanks so much. Love it!"

"Love it! Looking forward
to using it on Rocky."

Sage's rope has a nickel-plated bull snap and dark brown leather popper.

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