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Made of super soft 5/8 inch Polypropylene, this lead rope is strong and durable yet easy on the hands and never gets stiff. The $32 base price is for a 9 foot rope with embroidery and includes one of these standard snaps: Steel Gray or Bronze bolt snap, or a Small Nickel bolt snap (for pony or mini horse).


 Here are the Character Count Limits, based on the Embroidery Font Style you choose:

BLOCK ALL CAPS (8 characters)

Block Upper/Lower Case (15 characters)

Billboard (18 characters) **A heart can be added with Billboard embroidery; please allow 3 characters of space for the heart. The heart is available in your choice of 5 colors or can be the same as the embroidered text. Use the "Add a note" space on the Cart page to let us know any special requests.


Be sure to tell us the Embroidery Thread Color you want. You might request "match the blue in the rope" or "lavender thread". We have all colors with the exception of metallics. Because the embroidery background material is Black, please choose a contrasting thread color.


You may add extra length to your rope, which is priced at $1.50 per foot in 10 ft, 12 ft and 14 ft lengths. For example, the price for the 10 ft rope is $33.50 before adding other options.


Premium Snaps are a Solid Brass bolt snap ($3) or a Bull Snap with Trigger ($2).


Please Contact us if you wish to add a Leather Popper ($4), which is available in Medium Brown, Dark Brown or Black Leather, or if you wish to add a 20" Chain/Snap Combo ($6), which is available in Steel Gray or Bronze.


You may use our Contact  page or simply email us at with any questions or special requests. There's also an option to "Add a note" on the Cart page. 


We're excited to work with you to make a truly one-of-a-kind lead rope! 

Horse Lead Rope Solid Color

  • Our typical order turnaround time is three weeks from the time your order is received to when the rope is finished and on its way to you. It's often two weeks, and occasionally even less, but is dependent upon the quantity of ropes we're making at the time your order is received.  We ship by USPS Priority Mail, which generally delivers in two to three days to U.S. addresses.

  • Up to two ropes can be shipped together in a USPS Padded Flate Rate Priority Mail envelope for $10.60.  Three to five ropes shipped to the same address will need to be shipped in a USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate box at a cost of $17.05.  A Large Flat Rate box is needed for six to 14 ropes sent by USPS Priority Mail to the same address at a cost of $22.45. For quantities above 14, we'll quote the shipping based on weight and whatever shipping service is preferred by the customer.

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