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Our story...

In 2006 a fire raged through the boarding facility where we kept our horses, and while thankfully no lives were lost, both homes were destroyed. In a word, it was chaos. It was not only an eye-opening experience, it was the inspiration for what would one day become I.C.E. Products USA.

After years of research, in 2015 we began manufacturing products to provide peace of mind to equine owners at home, the boarding stable, on the trail or when faced with natural disaster.

We keenly recognize the need for safe, durable, secure and VISIBLE identification products that allow for attachment to tack, as well as directly to an equine’s body. Our key focus was, and is, providing methods to assist in the safe and quick return of the animal to his family, and a way for first responders to contact a rider’s family in the case of a trail mishap where horse and rider are separated.

The extreme weather events and devastating wildfires in recent years have been especially challenging to owners of large animals. Our ManeStay has been worn by more than two thousand horses in a variety of disaster situations, and we continue to receive very positive feedback. It is so rewarding to know ManeStay has found its place in many evacuation kits and go bags, and that many more people and horses are prepared to face what 2023 and the future will bring. Today ManeStay is used in numerous evacuation clinic demonstrations and large animal rescue training programs, as a testament to the professionals' opinions of ManeStay.

Because our canine companions deserve the same level of protection, in January 2018 we introduced the I.C.E. Collar ID that wraps around a dog’s existing collar. Microchipped or not, your dog must wear visible identification so he can be returned to you without delay.

We’re family owned, located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and all of our I.C.E. gear is proudly American made.


Please be sure to see our Dealers page. These fine establishments care about your safety. 

For incredible ammonia odor control around the barn, our own StallBlaster is now available on our website and at several of our dealers. Be sure read the testimonials


Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We'll be very happy
to help.

Manufacturers of easy to use equine identification products

Sue and Dan

P.S. Be sure to check out our embroidered lead ropes for horses and embroidered dog leads, too!

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