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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions we've been asked about our products, along with our responses. If you have a question that hasn't been posted, or you need clarification on something, please contact us.

We're very happy to help.

Is ManeStay going to melt, injuring my horse?

No. We designed ManeStay to be safe for the horse faced with a fire situation. The I.C.E. form itself is made of a Calfire rated flame-resistant material. The nylon strap melts at between 419º and 430º. The polycarbonate material (the yellow ManeStay body, hook and plunger) melts at 520º. ManeStay's metal parts are stainless steel. If the mane/tail hair is exposed to 370º or higher, the hair will disintegrate. Because the mane/tail hair at those temperatures becomes a fuel, ManeStay will drop to the ground well before any of ManeStay's components would begin to distort. At temps up to 370º, ManeStay is still providing safe, secure identification. ManeStay will not contribute to fueling a fire while it is still attached to the animal. If the animal is exposed to 300º+ temperatures, he is unfortunately already in grave danger with burns and/or smoke inhalation.​ 

And how about the I.C.E. UltraLite? Is it safe to use in a fire situation?

Yes, because the horse's mane/tail hair begins to disintegrate at 370°, the UltraLite will be released from the braid well before the nylon strap will melt. (Neither the UltraLite nor the ManeStay will cause a burn injury to the animal nor fuel a flame while it is still attached to the animal.)

Can I attach a ManeStay to a braid?

NO. PLEASE DO NOT attempt to attach ManeStay to a braid. ManeStay relies on flexible UNbraided hair that can be drawn FULLY inside the ManeStay body. Attaching to a braid will NOT make a secure connection to the hair. Look here for complete instructions for attaching ManeStay.

I read where the ManeStays are heat/flame resistant, but are they water resistant, too? We rarely have fires, but hurricanes are a threat where I live. My horses just went thru Hurricane Harvey and we were lucky they remained safe even after going thru horrid flooding with days of not knowing they were safe.

I'm happy that your horses were safe, and I can't imagine how awful it must've been when you didn't know their condition for days. Yes, ManeStay is 100% waterproof, including the emergency contact info that you write on the I.C.E. form. We ask that you use the Sharpie® brand permanent marker to ensure your info is permanent and waterproof. ManeStay's metal components are stainless steel, so it's rust resistant and water will not present a problem. However, we do not recommend storing your ManeStay out in the elements. Instead it should be kept in a go bag, emergency kit, hung on a barn stall door or in an unlocked cabinet, where it's easy to access. 

My contact information has changed. Can I update the I.C.E. form or do I have to buy another ManeStay?

If you already have a ManeStay (or any of our I.C.E. products) and your contact details have changed, contact us and we'll send you a weatherproof label to place over the old information. Written with a Sharpie® your new info is permanent and waterproof as before.

My horse is microchipped. Why do I need a ManeStay?

Microchips, tattoos and brands are excellent ways to put permanent identification on your equine. But especially in an emergency situation it's critically important that your horse, mule or donkey is wearing VISIBLE identification. We designed ManeStay to be worn high on the body, and its bright yellow color can been seen from a distance. In a field of evacuated horses, unless the person who finds your horse has the tools to read the chip, brand or tattoo, there will likely be a delay in getting your animal identified and returned to you. (ManeStay offers the user the option to circle Yes or No as to the presence of a microchip, as a help to first responders so that no time will be lost scanning for a potentially nonexistent chip.)

Can I keep a ManeStay on my horse on a daily basis?

ManeStay isn't intended for daily use, so we wouldn't recommend it for that purpose. It's designed so you'll have a tool that's readily accessible (in your go bag or unlocked cabinet) to attach ID quickly when faced with an emergency. If you wish to keep visible ID on your horse's mane longer term, please consider our  I.C.E. UltraLite or our I.C.E. Breakaway Halter.

Help me decide between getting a ManeStay or an I.C.E. UltraLite!

While both products serve the same overall purpose and end goal, ManeStay should be used as an emergency tool and kept with your other emergency supplies so you can access it at a moment's notice. UltraLite is appropriate for longer term use such as fire or flood season. Since UltraLite depends upon a braid for attachment, it requires a little more planning, especially if you have multiple horses to tag. UltraLite has the same fire-resistant/temperature ratings as ManeStay (please see first two FAQ on this page). UltraLite also makes it possible to keep ID on your horse while riding, camping, turnout and transport in addition to natural disaster preparation.

How can I be sure the ManeStay will stay on my horse?

ManeStay's staying power is in its stainless steel compression spring, which puts 40 lbs. of pressure on the hair. When correctly attached (click here for step-by-step instructions) and you've achieved the "U" bend in the hair, ManeStay is secure. Remember that ManeStay is designed for emergency situations, not everyday use. While pasture mates could conceivably rip ManeStay out of the mane or tail, it would be highly unusual in a true emergency such as wildfire or hurricane that horses would be engaging in horseplay. They are instead in "survival mode". CAUTION: ManeStay will pinch fingers, so please don't allow young children to play with this product. As one reviewer said, "The spring is no joke". 

Is there something extra I can do to give the ManeStay even more staying power in a severe weather situation such as hurricane?

When Hurricane Irma was approaching Florida we got that question a lot. Beyond attaching ManeStay according to our directions, you can also wrap duct tape around the ManeStay body as well as around the ManeStay strap. With extreme winds such as in a hurricane, for your animal's sake, please do everything you can to protect him and his ability to be identified and returned to you once all danger has passed. 

Should I put my cell number or my email address on the I.C.E. form? Definitely include your cell number. It's always a good idea to also include a number that's out of the area in case your local phone service has been compromised. The more info you can provide to first responders, the better. If you've got space to write your email address, go for it. (You can even write your cell number on the outside of the I.C.E. form.)

Is ManeStay reusable?

Yes! While we hope you'll never need to use it, Mother Nature may dish out more than one threat of wildfire or hurricane (or flood or tornado) in your area. ManeStay is a tool that can be used repeatedly. Keep it where you can access it quickly and make sure others know how to use it in case they're in the position of attaching it to your equine. Be sure to keep the tiny teeth in ManeStay's hook free of dirt and debris so its holding power isn't compromised.

I am going camping with my horse. I want to put identification on him so if he gets out of his portable corral and wanders around camp, someone will know who he belongs to. Help!

If your horse has enough mane to make a solid braid, use our I.C.E. UltraLite. You can attach it to his braid before you load him up and keep it on all weekend while riding and camping. Just be diligent about checking the braid's integrity and the condition of the elastics. We suggest putting two elastics in the braid, one elastic above the UltraLite and one below.

If I don't have a Sharpie® brand marker, can I use an off-brand marker or ballpoint pen?

To be sure that your critical info is waterproof and permanent, please use the Sharpie@ brand ultra fine point marker and allow it to dry before closing the form around the strap. Ballpoint pen is typically more permanent than an off-brand marker, but we highly recommend using the Sharpie®. We sell the correct marker on our ManeStay, I.C.E. Halter, I.C.E. Clip-onI.C.E. UltraLite and I.C.E. Collar ID pages at $1.65 each.

I want to put ID on my horse so if we get separated on the trail, whoever finds him knows how to call me.

We have several products for this purpose. The I.C.E. Halter, which is available in three versions, the I.C.E. UltraLite and the I.C.E. Clip-on . The I.C.E. Halter is made of 3/4" wide nylon and fits easily under the bridle. The I.C.E. form is sewn to the right cheek. The I.C.E. UltraLite's carabiner is made to hook through a mane braid but could also be attached to the saddle. The I.C.E. Clip-on's scissor snap allows you to attach it to the rings on your saddle, or to your breast collar or saddle bags. Just position it where it will be in plain view. You can also move the Clip-on from your saddle to your standard halter once you're back at the staging area. Be sure to keep ID on yourself as well! The Clip-on and UltraLite both work well on a belt loop.

I love the idea of the I.C.E. Collar ID but I'm concerned my dog won't like the extra weight on his collar.

The I.C.E. Collar ID is almost weightless at just 4 grams/0.14 ounce (Medium) and 6 grams/0.21 ounce (Large). It's unlikely your dog will be aware the Collar ID is even there. 

Is the I.C.E. Collar ID just for emergencies?

No, please use the Collar ID every day. It's been shown that 1 in 3 dogs who become lost never find their way home due to improper identification. Be sure your dog is microchipped and wearing visible identification that can be easily read by his finder. Circle Yes or No to indicate the presence of a microchip.

I'm looking for a way to put ID on my horse's current halter. The I.C.E. Collar ID in Large fits around a 1" wide flat (nylon or leather) halter and is an economical way to secure your emergency contact info to a flat nylon or leather halter. The Medium I.C.E. Collar ID wraps around a rope halter or 3/4" wide bridle. The Collar ID is also perfect for wrapping around a belt!

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