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Our canine companions deserve the same
kind of highly visible ID product that we've been
providing to horse owners since 2015.

The I.C.E. Collar ID wraps around your dog's
existing collar and is available in two sizes to
accommodate the most common collar sizes.

Your contact info is permanent and waterproof. Just use an
Ultra Fine Point Sharpie (link to purchase shown below).

Large Collar ID shown above.

collar ID identification for dogs
Molly 061422 Yawning.jpg

I.C.E. Collar ID

for Dogs

wraparound dog collar id form

Patent Pending

Get your cell phone to ring.

SIZING: Medium will fit collars up to 3/4" wide, and Large will fit collars up to 1" wide. 

HORSE OWNERS: Large size Collar ID wraps perfectly around
1" wide flat nylon or leather halter. The Medium size
Collar ID works great wrapped around a rope halter.
Ideal for riding, camping, transport or in evacuation

Click on photo(s) to purchase.

Happy I.C.E. Collar ID user....

I believe wholeheartedly in my I.C.E. identification products for my only made sense to use it for my dog Lily. Having lost tags over the years, I wanted a better alternative to ensure Lily would make it back home should we be separated. I like the low profile (and dangling, clinking tags) design of the ID for the collar. I can also put far more information on the I.C.E. Collar ID than I can on a traditional tag, which is reassuring as well. I highly recommend this product! -- Sarah

I have four Collar IDs for my dogs. In a word, they're amazing. I will be purchasing some as gifts. -- Christina

RVers! Be sure your I.C.E. Collar ID includes your cell phone number so your dog can be returned to you, wherever you are.

Better than regular dog ID tags:

HANDY HINT: The I.C.E. Collar ID can be used on a belt as a personal form of identification. Great for the elderly, as well as bicyclists, horseback riders and backpackers, etc.

Medium Size is 2 3/4" wide and wraps around collars up to 3/4" wide. Secured by sewn-on Velcro® closures.

Large Size is 3 3/8" wide and wraps around collars up to 1" wide. Secured by sewn-on Velcro® closures.

• More space for all those important details including medications, vet name/number, and variable info such as a second address, alternate phone numbers, special diet, etc. yet weighs less than two tenths of an ounce (6 grams)

• Circle Yes or No to say if he's microchipped--if so, a vet can scan to confirm his ID

• Securely wraps around your dog's existing collar with sewn-on Velcro® closures

• Your info is permanent and waterproof--just use an ultra fine point Sharpie®

which you can purchase here:

• Silent! No jingle jangle at night. And it won't catch on the dog's crate or other objects.

• Easily move from one collar to another as desired   

• Same durable materials we've been using on our horses for eight years

• Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

• No more lost dog tags means more peace of mind for you and a safe, speedy return for your best friend!

Collar ID wraparound dog collar id velcro closures

2 3/4"

3 3/8"

A collar that can be worn daily is an essential safety item for your dog.

It’s been shown that 1 in 3 dogs who become lost never find their way home

due to improper identification.

I.C.E. Collar ID for visible, readable identification.

Saki's new tag (I.C.E. Collar ID) arrived today. No more jingling! Thank you!
If you don't want a jingly dog or a tag that can get caught, get an I.C.E Collar ID.


Brody's been wearing his Collar ID for three weeks, and his mom writes that she loves having the extra space to write his vet's info. "The Collar ID gives me peace of mind."

dog identification waterproof readable
I.C.E. Collar ID on Great Dane

I’ve had the I.C.E Collar ID on my Great Dane for about 3 months now here in Australia. Has not budged since the day I put it on Lexie’s collar. Our contact information is safe and secure. Love this product 💕

Heard about your product in Trailer Life magazine. We're about to start traveling with our dogs and love that we can put extra info on their collars.


Personalized, Embroidered slip leads and leashes, too
Available in 5/8" poly rope and 6 ft. length. 
Visit our Leashes page for all the details.

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