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The I.C.E. Trail Caveson is constructed using 3/4" wide nylon, featuring a PVC-padded nose, adjustable chin with snap, and tie ring. The durable hardware is nickel plate. Our I.C.E. Trail Caveson is designed to fit under the bridle, providing you an easy way to lead or tie your bridled horse, while keeping your emergency contact details within easy reach.


Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery of this product, as it is a custom order.


The I.C.E. Trail Caveson is available in 16 colors. Please refer to the gallery of images for the color choices. As with all I.C.E. Products USA gear, please use an ultra fine point Sharpie® brand marker to write your emergency contact information, so that it will be permanent and waterproof.


NOTE: Using the I.C.E. Trail Caveson by itself (without a bridle over it) is not recommended for tying an unsupervised animal as it could possibly come off over his ears. You may wish to consider our I.C.E. Halter or I.C.E. Breakaway Halter instead. They're both ideal for tying an unsupervised horse, whether used alone or under a bridle.

I.C.E. Trail Caveson

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