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What is I.C.E.?

It's the internationally recognized acronym for

In Case of Emergency

We're trail riders and horse campers who recognize the need for better emergency preparedness, whether at home, at the boarding stable, or out trailblazing.

Being pro-active and prepared for the unthinkable is key to making the best of an emergency situation.

Putting VISIBLE identification on your equine (and your canine) is the responsible thing to do. While microchips, etc. are excellent methods of permanent ID, having visible identification on your animal means it will be easier (and likely faster) for first responders to get them back home to you.

I.C.E. Products USA is proud to provide you with high quality American made safety-focused equine/canine identification gear that will help protect (and reunite you with) your beloved animals.

I.C.E. Products offer peace of mind.

Our Mission Statement

With a relentless focus on safety and loss prevention, I.C.E. Products USA strives to manufacture high quality American made products that offer dependable methods of attaching visible identification to equines and canines, whether at home, on the trail or in the event of natural disaster.

What inspired us to start I.C.E Products USA? Read "Our Story"

Make friends with neighbors.

Even non horsey ones!


"During the King fire it was the non horse people that helped me load up horses. If you live in a high risk area, reach out to your neighbors, teach them basic things, like haltering, loading and unloading horses. In a true emergency those are your closest helpers to move animals out fast!" –– Laura M., Nevada

"All our Ready kits have I.C.E. tags in them and we take them to every outreach event." -- Julie Atwood, H.A.L.T.E.R. Project

Video shows how to attach ManeStay in just 3 seconds.

ManeStay Video Julie Atwood Testimonial.

A Personalized Lead Rope
makes a fabulous gift.

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Peace of Mind is Priceless.

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Learn all there is to know about our amazing ManeStay!

Videos, specs and testimonials



I.C.E. Collar ID

. . .  made for dogs. And horses, too!*


The I.C.E. Collar ID is available in two sizes to wrap around your dog's existing 3/4" or 1" collar and provides durable, highly visible identification for your other best friend.

* Wrap an I.C.E. Collar ID around a rope or flat nylon halter to put identification on your horse. Make it easy on a first responder to identify your horse and speed up the process of getting him back home to you.

Cowgirl-themed handmade soap

Boss Mare Lemon Zest for Etsy Listing.png

Custom labeling is available, too!

Visit our Take the Lead Soaps page for more info.

StallBlaster 6 oz image glow background.

This is the world's best
odor eliminator.

Stallblaster Logo 2 Final.png

Available now at these dealers:

Windrider Tack 

Riding Warehouse

Camp with Horses

Kills odor = less flies!

The highly effective, non-toxic
and affordable solution to drastically reducing or removing seriously irritating and unhealthy ammonia odors. Indoors and out. Great for barn stall, outdoor paddock, litter box, dog kennel, horse trailer + more.

For happy, healthy noses.

Yours and his.

PERSONALIZED Dog Leashes/Slip Leads

Milo + Milo Slip Lead for Etsy.png

Visit our Dog Leads/Leashes page for more info.

Please check our Dealers page for U.S., Canada, Australia and Sweden for a retailer near you.

If you're overseas and without a local retailer, please Contact us for a shipping quote to your address.

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