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What is I.C.E.?

It's the internationally recognized acronym for

In Case of Emergency

We're trail riders and horse campers who recognize the need for better emergency preparedness, whether at home, at the boarding stable, or out trailblazing.

Being pro-active and prepared for the unthinkable is key to making the best of an emergency situation.

Putting VISIBLE identification on your equine (and your canine) is the responsible thing to do. While microchips, lip tattoos etc. are excellent methods of permanent ID, having visible identification on your animal means it will be easier (and likely faster) for first responders to get them back home to you.


Imagine the relief you'll feel when your cell phone rings and it's the first responder with news that your beloved animal is safe.

I.C.E. Products USA is proud to provide you with high quality American made safety-focused equine/canine identification gear that will help protect (and reunite you with) your beloved animals.

Our Mission Statement

With a relentless focus on safety and loss prevention, I.C.E. Products USA manufactures high quality, durable American-made products that offer dependable methods of attaching visible identification to equines and canines, whether at home, on the trail or in the event of natural disaster.

We also recognize that having fun is important, so in 2016 we added personalized embroidered lead ropes and leashes to our product line.


And while ammonia vapor isn't fun, spending time around horses shouldn't be a health hazard . . . so in 2019 we developed our own StallBlaster ammonia odor destroyer. 

What inspired us to start I.C.E Products USA? Read "Our Story"

I.C.E. Products offer peace of mind for you
and a distinct advantage for your animals.

Here's a quick overview of our products. Click on images/text for all the details or use the main menu at the top of each page.

Please check our Dealers page for U.S., Canada, Australia and Sweden for a retailer near you.

If you're overseas and without a local retailer, please Contact us for a shipping quote to your address.

RETURN POLICY: All items are eligible for return or replacement within one year from date of purchase, with the exception of made-to-order items (lead ropes, leashes/slip leads, I.C.E. Halters, and custom-labeled soaps).
We stand behind all of our products, and we encourage you to contact us with any questions.

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 Sierra View Ranch General Store, LLC  dba I.C.E. Products USA & Take the Lead Store 

Mailing address: 15115 Rankin Ave., PMB 101, Dunlap, TN 37327  •  805.231.5305 or 805.816.8759 

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