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Weighing in at just under three-quarters of an ounce, the I.C.E. UltraLite makes it possible to clip visible identification to your horse's braided mane. Ideal for competitive trail riders who are required to keep ID on their horse for an entire weekend, or longer such as for your area's season of natural disasters. Its light weight makes it comfortable for the horse, and the aluminum carabiner provides durability. Also excellent for camping, high-lining and turnout. Check the braid frequently to be certain the braid is intact and the elastic(s) is not showing signs of wear or weakness. Also works well on your own belt loop too--just make sure you AND your horse are wearing identification.

I.C.E. UltraLite - Hot Orange

SKU: UL Hot Orange
  • As with all I.C.E. Products USA gear, please use an ultra fine point Sharpie® brand marker to write your emergency contact information, so that it will be permanent and waterproof.

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