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Handmade, cold-processed soap is made using goat milk in a variety of fragrances (and one that's unscented). The soap contains coconut oil, canola oil, soybean oil, shea butter, water, lye, olive pomace oil, sunflower oil, ground oatmeal and of course, goat milk!


Each bar is 3x3x1 inches, weighs 5-5.3 oz. and is placed in an attractive double paper sleeve with our classic Take the Lead design.  Custom labeling is also an option for purchases of at least 12 bars, all alike. Great for weddings, corporate events, store or venue branding. Also available are soaps by the 9-bar loaves. Please inquire for pricing using our Contact page.

Handmade Premium Goat Milk Soap

  • Goat milk soap is a gentle cleanser rich in fatty acids that can help support a healthy skin barrier to keep skin nourished and moisturized. It has a similar pH to human skin, and when it's used for cleansing, it doesn't disturb the skin's acid mantle barrier like other cleansers. Soap made with goat milk leaves the skin feeling moisturized compared to other soaps, which can leave skin dry and itchy. It’s an excellent choice for the bath or shower, as it does not leave skin feeling dry or tight. In fact, it’s quite soothing for the skin and can even be used for acne-prone skin. It also works well for removing dirt and impurities from the skin as it exfoliates dead skin cells.

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