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The I.C.E. Collar ID is a wrap-around identification form with sewn-on Velcro® closures. You'll write your contact information using an Ultra Fine Point Sharpie® to ensure it's waterproof and permanent. Up to 5 Collar IDs ship in U.S. for $5.50.

I.C.E. Collar ID - Large for Horse

SKU: Horse CID - Large
  • The I.C.E. Collar ID wraps around a halter or bridle as an economical way to attach your emergency contact info to your haltered horse. The Large size will wrap perfectly around a 1" wide flat nylon or leather halter, while the Medium size will wrap around a rope halter. Ideal for camping, high-lining, transport, or in evacuation situations. Buy an extra Collar ID so you can wrap it around your belt!

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